SharePoint display DOCX XLSX Thumbnails in Library

Just found this useful unknown feature for uploading and displaying DOCX or XLSX image cover thumbnails in a SharePoint 2010 Asset Library.

This works using SharePoint 2010 and a default Team Site template on a non-Publishing site, straight out of the box.

For Word and Excel 2010 and higher, when a Document is Saved As, there is a Save Thumbnail checkbox.



Select Rich Media Asset as Content Type; Video Content Type also works.





So far I have tried DOCX, XSLX, PPTX files.

PDF files do not display at this stage.

My next challenge is to get the Rich Media Content Type into an existing Document Library.

I’ve done some research and couldn’t find any other posts relating to this.
If anyone know of any, post them in the comments section.


Thanks for reading.


One thought on “SharePoint display DOCX XLSX Thumbnails in Library

  1. Kerri Northey February 19, 2018 / 4:24 am

    Yours is the first useful post I’ve seen on this issue.

    I solved it this way:

    1. Create a Rich Media Content type in the Hub.
    The Thumbnail Preview field should be present as part of the Content Type.
    2. Strip out the unwanted columns so you don’t have them appearing in your document library.
    3. Publish to the site.
    4. Add to the library.
    5. Edit the view – because the Content Type is present Thumbnail Preview will become available as a column to select in edit view.
    6. Viola, there it is!

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